Category Ghana Festivals

Apour Festival

The Apour festival is celebrated in Nwoase and Nsawkwa by the Chiefs and people of Nwoase and Wenchi Traditional Areas, this festival of Chiefs and people comes off in either May or June at Nsawkaw, November or December at Nwoase

Alluelie Festival

This festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of  Sefwi Bekwai and Sefwi Wiawso , it is held in November or December every year, the festival brings together people to plan the development of the people and sews bonds

Akwasidae Tuntum Festival

This Akwasidae Tuntum is celebrated in Kukuom by the Chiefs and people of the Kukuom traditional areas. It comes off on the 9th and final Akwasidae on the Akan Calender in December or January. The festival is held to re-affirm

Akwasidae Festival

The Akwasidae is a religious festival of the Asante’s which is celebrated every six(6) weeks or 42 days. On that day the Asante king comes out of the palace on a palanquin adorned in gold ornaments to receive the homage

Akwantukese Festival

The Akwantukese festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the New Juaben Traditional Areas. It comes off in the month of November every year. This festival promotes the cultural life of the people and is also

Akwambo Festival

The people of Agona in the Central Region celebrate the Akwambo festival literally meaning “path-clearing”. The Asafo companies weed footpaths leading to the streams or rivers, farms and other communal places, as well as paths, which lead to shrines.