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Hogbetsotso festival

The Hogbetsotso festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Anlo traditional area in the Volta region. It is observed in commemoration of the great exodus of Notsie located in present-day Togo. During this festive period, friendships are…

Feok Festival

This is the annual festival of the people of Sandema in the Builsa. It is held in December. It is celebrated through the display of war dance by various communities. There is also a durber of the chiefs and people

Fao Festival

It is held at Paga, Chiana, Kayoro in the Page/Chiana and Kayoro Traditional Areas between November and February. It is a thanksgiving offering for good harvest. During the festival, the people display stalks of their first harvest of millet as

Emancipation Day Celebrations

Emancipation Day Celebrations It is celebrated in Cape Coast by the Chiefs and people of Ghana and Africans in the Diaspora. It is a festival of arts and culture which serves as a homecoming event for Africans living elsewhere as…

Eid ul Fitr Festival

This festival of Islamic origin is celebrated in all the Traditional Areas of the Northern Region. This festival signifies the end of 29 to 30 days of fasting, it comes off on the first day of the lunar month of…

Edie Festival

This festival is celebrated in Wassa Akropong by the Chiefs and people of the Wassa West Traditional Area. This festival is celebrated in January every year, it fosters unity among the people and hence brings peace to the area.