Category Ghana Festivals

Adinkafo Festival

This festival is celebrated in Hwidiem by the Chiefs and people of the Hwidiem Traditional Area. The Adinkafo festival is celebrated annually in either March or April. The festival commemorates the migration of the Hwidiem people from Denkyira Ntomu, there

Adaekese Festival

This is a very important, albeit rare celebration of the Ashanti’s. It is held in a large open space in the capital city of Kumasi. The festival is normally well attended and embraced by Ashanti’s from all walks of life.

Aboakyere (Deer Hunt) Festival

“Aboakyere” literally means game hunting. This popular festival celebrated on the first Saturday of May by the Chiefs and people of Winneba. The festival begins with a competitive hunt between two traditional warrior groups in a nearby game reserve, where

Abene (Purification) Festival

The Abene (purification) festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Abene the traditional capital of the Kwahu. During the festival ancestral spirits are invoked for unification and development of the people and the area respectively.

Kplejoo Festival

The Chiefs and people of Tema.Kplejoo is a festival for the gods during which both the gods and people are purified. The festival falls either in March or April depending on the position of the moon and lasts for a…