Discover the leisure of car hire in Ghana.  Blastours prides itself on its 14 years experience of providing excellent car rental services to Ghana, Togo, Benin.  Our rental rates are highly competitive. With a fleet of clean, new and reliable cars to ensure a happy, trouble-free service, nothing beats a chauffeured drive to our unique National Parks or simply exploring the Coastline of West Africa.

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Experience the unique and exotic wildlife of Ghana on the inland roads, or

Van-Vehicle Rental

make for the Volta in the east to sample the aquatic life of the Volta River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Head for the north for a safari, where the incredible wildlife and the wide open expanse of African landscape will remain forever etched in your memory.

Drive through the remarkable townships of the country for a real taste of Ghanaian culture and ways of life. Just follow where your sense of adventure takes you with Blastours!:

  • Airport transfers
  • 24 hrs car rental services
  • Special discounts for long-term rentals

Our English speaking drivers hold international driver’s licenses and have years of experience driving clients through the various regions and neighbouring countries.

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