Akwantukese Festival

The Akwantukese festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the New Juaben Traditional Areas. It comes off in the month of November every year. This festival promotes the cultural life of the people and is also held to commemorate the historical exodus of the people of New Juaben from the Ashanti to the East in the 1870’s.

The celebration lasts a week and is observed in the month of November. There are a number of events that take place over the week-long celebration, such as religious ceremonies, theatrical productions, and athletic competitions.

The durbar, a great procession of the leaders and citizens of New Juaben, is the festival’s centrepiece. The durbar is a dynamic and colourful occasion that gives the residents of New Juaben a chance to unite and celebrate their culture and heritage.

In New Juaben, the Akwantukese Festival is a significant occasion. They get together during this time to honour their shared history and culture. The celebration also serves as a reminder of the Juaben people’s tenacity and tenacity in overcoming hardship and creating a new home for themselves.

Typical events that take place during the Akwantukese Festival include the following:

  • Traditional rites: The priests and priestesses of the many traditional shrines in New Juaben carry out these rites. They are meant to purify the neighbourhood and guarantee a bumper crop the next year.
  • Musical, dancing, and drumming performances are examples of cultural performances. They allow the residents of New Juaben to display their culture and history.
  • Football (soccer), athletics, and wrestling are examples of sports. They serve as a platform for friendly competition and amusement among the residents of New Juaben.

For the inhabitants of New Juaben, the Akwantukese Festival is a time for celebration and camaraderie. They gather together during this time to remember their shared history and culture. The festival serves as a chance for them to anticipate the future and express their hopes for a successful year.