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Bob-ngo Festival

This festival is celebrated in Jirapa by the Chiefs and people of the Jirapa Traditional Area. This is celebrated in the last week of April every year, the festival lifts the taboo or the ban on the harvesting

Bagri Festival

Bagri Festival is celebrated in Jirapa, Lawra and Nandom by the people Chiefs and  people of Lawra and  Nandom, It is a festival of cult and ritualistic performances from April to January, the festival and ritualistic performances associated with the

Ayerye Festival

The Ayerye festival is celebrated in Saltpond by the Chiefs and people of the Nkusukum Traditional Area in Saltpond Nakesido (Lower Saltpond). This festival comes off in November every year, the festival also brings together the people of the area

Awubia Festival

The Awubia festival is celebrated in Awutu Beraku in the Central Region by the people of the Awutu Traditional Areas. A festival of Chiefs and people which comes off from the last week of

Avazorli Festival

The Avazorli festival is celebrated  in  Ziavi, Etodome, Botoku, Kpedze and  Mafi by the Chiefs and people of Ekwamkrom. A festival of Chiefs and people which is held once every two years in November, this festival is held to celebrate


All Traditional areas in Ghana are identified with special festivals, which make the people very distinct from other ethnic groups. The Asafotufiami Festival of the people of Ada Traditional area in the Dangme East District is a rich cultural heritage