About Us

Welcome to BlasTours! We are a Ghanaian-owned destination management company established to meet the needs of business and leisure travelers to and within Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire.

BlasTours is licensed by the Ghana Tourism Authority to provide international travel services and is also registered member of the Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA).

Founded in 2003, we’ve grown to be one of the leading tour operators in Ghana.

We have developed numerous eco-friendly tour packages, which encompass visits to the various sites and attractions existing within West Africa. Our imaginative programmes give an added opportunity to get acquainted to the history and culture indigenous to West Africans.

BlasTours ensure that every booking made through us benefits local people financially. Experiences include life in the unspoiled rural areas and in holiday destinations managed by local people. We make sure that visitors assist in community based projects, therefore give something back to our local communities.

Blastours implements a flexible pricing policy and offers a discount system to delegations, tour groups and students as well.

Services are rendered in compliance with state-specified rules governing provision of tourism related services at high international standards.

All services are customised in accordance with specified interests, budget, travel plans and other specific needs or preferences.

Our Mission

Our services are our tool for promoting sustainability of the most vulnerable destinations by transforming our impact on nature and communities for the benefit of current and future generations.

We also strive to maintain service excellence achieved through personal attention, providing innovative options, exceeding clients’ expectations resulting in a memorable experience worth repeating.


Who We Are