Category Festivals in Togo

Festivals celebrated in Togo are a combination of colourful sights and melodious sounds that will leave you wanting to return.

Hogbeza of Yoto

Hogbeza is a historic festival of the Ewe of Yoto. It is celebrated every third Saturday of the month of August as a religious feast, when the first fruits of the farms are offered.

Initiation Festival of Flogging

The festival of initiation in Tamberma land takes place every 4 years. It is a test through flogging the beneficiary in order to prepare him for war and to face adversities in life.

Ovazu in Badou

Ovazu is a Festival of Harvest in Akposso and Akebou Land. ” OVAZU” is composed of the Akposso words: ” Ova” (corn) and ” Zu” (festival). According to history, corn played a significant role in the battles against the enemies…

Tingban Pab of Dapaong

This is a traditional harvest festival of the Moba in the Grand Tône region. It is celebrated annually after a great harvest on the second Saturday of December. It is an occasion of thanksgiving to the gods and spirits for…

Evala in Kara

Evala is an initiation and festival of wrestling in Kabye land. This ritual initiation is organised in the month of January for the youth

Gadao-Adossa in Sokodé

Gadao-Adossa ( festival of cutlasses) – The expression Gadao-Adossa is a common saying to identify two major festivals of the Tem, that is Gadao and Adossa for the Didaoure community, who are Muslims in majority. The Gadao is celebrated in