Category Festivals in Togo

Festivals celebrated in Togo are a combination of colourful sights and melodious sounds that will leave you wanting to return.

Gbagba-Za in Agou

It is a cultural and religious harvest festival of Ewe from Agou. The Goddess Gbagba is the main divinity around whom others revolve.

Ayiza harvest festival in Tsevié

According to the history of the Ewe, founders of the town of Tsévié emigrating southwards (in what is known as the exodus of Notsé which would go back to 1720) decided to sow beans at their place of rest.

Agbogbo-Za in Notsé

Historical festival of the Ewe to celebrate the exodus of the Ewe people in XVII AD. It is the largest traditional festival of the Ewes in Togo.  Rituals start on the first Thursday of September in Notse with the climax