Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam in Kéran

Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam Festival of harvest and of initiation in Kéran region. Is a celebration of the people of Keran, where they pay homage to the gods and spirits of the ancestors for a better harvest. It is celebrated on 2nd Saturday of February every year. (more…)


Togbui-Agni of Adja Tado

Togbui-Agni is the harvest festival of Adja-tado from Moyen-Mono region population located in the South-east of Notsé. It is an occasion whereby several rituals are performed to exorcise sicknesses, to thank the spirits of ancestors and the feeding-yielding land for (more…)


Odon-Tsu in Atakpamé

Odon-Tsu (harvest festival in the Ogou region) is celebrated by Ifè (Anna) of the prefecture of Ogou. Odon means Festival and Tsu is the god of the land, the mystic power that fosters the growth of the cereals in general (more…)


Koudapaani in Dapaong

Koudapaani (short for Kouroubi-Dakou-Tigbanpaani) which means fruitfulness and harvests is a religious festival of Harvest in Oti.

It is an offering made to the spirits for fellowship and for a peaceful unity, held on the 4th Saturday of January of every year in Mango. (more…)


Epe-Ekpe in Aneho

Epe-Ekpe (historic festival of Guins). It’s one of the  most important ceremonies of all West Africa.

The Guins migrated from Ghana in the 17th century. It is the occasion of the ‘taking of the sacred stone’ known as Kpessosso. (more…)


Dzawuwu-za in Klouto

Dzawuwu-za is a harvest festival of Ewé in Kloto region. During this festival, food is prepared with the first fruits of the crops (especially corn, cassava, yam) and offered to the God and Spirit of the ancestors. (more…)


Agbogbo-Za in Notsé

Historical festival of the Ewe to celebrate the exodus of the Ewe people in XVII AD. It is the largest traditional festival of the Ewes in Togo.  Rituals start on the first Thursday of September in Notse with the climax (more…)


Lake Togo

This lake is located at about a 45 minute drive from Lome.  It is close to the lake’s northern shore is Togoville, the centre of the local voodoo cult.

Take a boat ride on the lake to Togoville to visit it’s shrines and the ancient German Cathedral which dominates the town. (more…)