This is a town in Kwabre well known for the traditional Kente cloth weaving.

Although there are a variety of oral histories concerning the origins of Kente Cloth, historians and scholars agree that its production is an extension of centuries of (more…)


Lake Bosomtwe

A crater lake believed to have been created by a fallen meteorite. The sacred lake is located in a crater and ringed by rugged mountains. This picturesque meteorite crater lake is surrounded by dozens of fishing and farming villages. (more…)


The Prempeh II Jubilee Museum

Located in the centre of the National Culture grounds, the museum houses a fascinating collection of Ashanti History such as memorabilia of Okomfo Anokye, including the 300 year old antique treasure bag which he forbade anyone to open. (more…)


The Manhyia Palace

This is the official residence of the Ashantehene.

Its large compound holds statues of past Kings and Queens of the Ashanti Kingdom.

This palace is located just a kilometer from the National Museum and was built in 1926 on the (more…)


Cape Coast Castle

This was the headquarters of the British merchants and the seat of government until 1877. It has now being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site and houses the West African Historical museum where exhibits range from the period to (more…)


Kakum National Park

This 375 km square national park comprising of undisturbed virgin rainforest. Walking tours through the forest provide the opportunity to see much of Ghana’s indigenous plant life, as well as rare butterflies, birds and game.


Posuban or Asafo Shrines

These shrines are dotted along the coast of Ghana, where Fanti warriors prepared mentally and spiritually before going to war. Several of these colourful shrines, a combination of the symbolic and mythical, can be found in the streets across the (more…)


The Elmina Castle

Built by the Portuguese in 1482 as São Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine) because of its strategic location for trade. It is a well preserved castle, the oldest European built structure in black Africa  with an incredible (more…)