The Ahoba Festival

 "...During the festival the people come together in remembrance of Asafo Ahor who gave up himself to be sacrificed to stop an epidemic..."

West African Mining & Power Exhibition

WAMPEX provides a leading platform for the mining and energy value chain to network and engage. This biennial event attracts over 2500 professionals from more than 16 countries making it […]

Evala 2021

Evala is an initiation and festival of wrestling in Kabye land. This ritual initiation is organised in the month of January for the youth as a passage into adulthood. The […]

2021 Panafest &Homecoming Experience

The Pan African Historical Theatre Project now known as PANAFEST is a cultural event held in Ghana every two years for Africans and people of African descent. It was first held in […]

Akwambo Festival

"...The following day, the whole community assembles at the ancestral shrines and the chief pours libation to the ancestral spirits..."

The Asafotufiami Festival

"...The Asafotufiami Festival of the people of Ada Traditional area in the Dangme East District is a rich cultural heritage..."

Agotime Kente Festival (Agbamevorza) 2021

This festival is celebrated in the Agortime area by the Chiefs and people of Agortime Traditional Area in Kpetoe. It is a festival held to celebrate the uniqueness of the Kente cloth and falls in […]

Kilikpo Festival

Kilikpo is a harvest festival in Tchamba. It is the feast of abundant crops or harvest and an event of a glorious era. It is marked with the consummation of […]

Hogbeza of Yoto

Hogbeza is a historic festival of the Ewe of Yoto. It is celebrated every third Saturday of the month of August as a religious feast, when the first fruits of […]

Akomase Festival 2021

The Akomase festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the Senya Beraku Traditional Areas in Senya Beraku in the Central Region. This festival comes off from the last […]

Ogua Fetu Afahye 2021

The Fetu Afahye is a festival celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated on the first Saturday in the month of September every year. The […]