Latest update on COVID 19 status for Ghana

1. Pre- Arrival Processes – Travellers intending to enter Ghana

All international passengers including those from the ECOWAS region, intending to fly to Ghana, will be required to be fully vaccinated.

2. Arriving Passengers – Travellers entering Ghana

Ghanaians and Foreign Residents

A. 18 years and above arriving in Ghana will be required to provide evidence of full vaccination for a COVID-19 vaccine at the point of embarkation and upon arrival
at Kotoka International Airport (KIA).
B. Fully vaccinated will be exempted from pre-departure COVID-19 PCR testing
from point of embarkation.
C. Fully vaccinated will be exempted from COVID-19 testing upon arrival at the
D. Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated will be required to present a NEGATIVE
48hrs PCR test result to the airline before embarkation and upon arrival.
E. Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated will undergo COVID-19 testing at the KIA
upon arrival.
F. Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated will be undergo COVID-19 vaccination at
KIA upon arrival.


A. At the point of embarkation must provide evidence of full vaccination status to the Airline prior to embarkation. (Airlines that board non-Ghanaians without
evidence of full vaccination will be considered to have violated the COVID-19
guidelines for Ghana and shall be fined $3,500.00)

B. Travelling to Kotoka International Airport with fake or forged vaccination
certificates shall be quarantined and returned to the point of embarkation
at their own cost.

All Arriving passengers will undergo temperature screening, Yellow Fever Card verification and COVID-19 vaccination certificate verification as required.

Airline crew are exempted from the pre-departure and arrival COVID-19
testing and should follow the Airline policy for testing.
E. Passengers who arrive under emergency circumstances such as diverted
flights will not be required to undergo testing if they do not leave the airport
or remain in isolation in their hotel.

5. Travelling with Pets

A. Travelling with pets into Ghana is allowed in line with guidelines of the
Veterinary Services Directorate of the Ministry of Food & Agriculture.

6. Departure Process- Passengers exiting Ghana

A. Passengers departing Accra will required to adhere to COVID-19 testing
requirements for the destination countries.
B. Departing passengers will undergo temperature screening at the entrance of
Terminal 3 departures.


Definition of Fully Vaccinated – A person is said to be fully vaccinated when he/she has taken the full dose of vaccines approved and registered by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Ghana.

The first dose of Johnson and Johnson and 2nd dose of all other approved vaccines should be at least 14 days prior to embarkation to be qualified as fully vaccinated.


Additional information and guides can be accessed on the Ghana Health Service and Africa CDC website ( Customer service and technical support can be reached via