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Youth Speak Forum

This year's Youth Speak Forum seeks to elaborate discussions amongst the youth in a quest for jobs for the youth. The event is free and your opinion matters.

Showbiz Forum

Topic: Maximising the Benefits of Digitisation in the Covid-19 era

The Chamber CEO Business Forum

Theme: Redefining Business success : The path for business value,resilience,and sustainability

GNAT Investment Forum

Theme: Beyond The Teachers Fund: Making our Teachers Economically Sound

10th PPA’s Annual Public Forum

Really liked our guide

Theme: ''Public Procurement: Propelling the wheels of the private sector to deliver the Ghana beyond Aid Agenda''

5th Geo Blue Planet Symposium Forum

The University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) and the University of Ghana (UG) will be hosting the 5th GEO Blue Planet Symposium slated to be held from October 24th- 28th, 2022 in Accra-Ghana.  This symposium is designed to increase regional linkages, promote linkages between stakeholders and the observing community and gather community feedback on the focus […]

The Ghana – Russia Business Forum 2024

Accra International Conference Centre

The Ghana - Russia Business Forum is a special initiative organized by HIRED Consult in collaboration with Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Ghana and other Stakeholders dedicated to celebrating and highlighting the strong ties between the Republic of Ghana (Ghana) and The Russian Federation (Russia). The 1st ever Ghana - Russia […]