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Ghana Theatre Festival 2023

National Theatre Accra, Ghana

Conversations hosted by the National Theatre of Ghana, THEME: “Celebrating Ghanaian Culture and Heritage through partnerships and linkages”

World Heritage

A Film by Moritz Siebert Organised groups or individual visitors with or without a guide. A beautiful and well-preserved palace in Berlin is frequented by tourists who visit its chambers, admire the paintings and walk around the meticulously well-tended garden, while thousands of kilometres away there stands a dilapidated fortress. It is also visited by […]


Goethe Instut Accra, Ghana

A film by King Ampaw Juju, a comic tale about a stubborn village elder who resists slipping gently into retirement. Nana Akoto, chief of the village of Oyoko, has reached the point in life where one’s foibles become one’s undoing.