The Western North Region of Ghana is a new region carved out of the existing Western Region of Ghana.

Things to see

The Tree of God (Nyame Dua)

The tree of God is located at Nyamebekyere, a distance of about 5km from Wiawso. It is said that about 150 years ago, a farmer struck a machete into the stump of the tree and this is still visible in the trunk of the tree. The tree has continuously being growing ever since, and today the trunk of the tree is completely surrounded by the machete.

Abombirim Sacred Tortoise Forest

It is a sacred forest preserved in which a giant tortoise live in it. When one sees the tortoise and picks it, there turn to be total darkness in the forest. Until such a time that the tortoise is left for light to re-appear, one will not be able to find a way out of the forest. It is located at Sefwi Boako, a 21 km distance away from the district capital.