Kente weaving in Ghana

Makola Market, Accra

Makola MarketIt is the most famous open air market located at the Accra Central. The market was recently constructed to replace the old one with the same name. One can obtain beautiful African Textiles, Foodstuffs, traditional Cloths and clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. It also houses a bank, restaurants, offices, etc. Because of its central location it enjoys a lot of patronage from residents of Accra and beyond.

Osu Night market

The night market unlike the generic idea of a market is a small community market where local food stuff, grocery, and other food items as well as consumables are sold around the clock. There are many sheds within, where traders display their various items.

Old lighthouse in James Town

This colonial-era lighthouse was built in the 1930s with panoramic view of Accra from the top. For a great view of the city and the busy and colourful fishing harbour, climb to the top of the old Lighthouse near James Fort

Jamestown in Accra

Jamestown, the birthplace of Accra is directly east of the Korle Lagoon. Jamestown and Ussher town are the oldest districts in the city of Accra and emerged as communities around the 17th century.


A town in Kwabre East District, about 17 miles northeast of Kumasi. It is also well known for the traditional Kente cloth weaving. Although there are a variety of oral histories concerning the origins of Kente Cloth, historians and scholars agree that Kente Cloth production is an extension of centuries of strip-weaving in West Africa.

Lake Bosomtwi

A crater lake believed to have been created by a fallen meteorite. The sacred lake is located in a crater and ringed by rugged mountains. This picturesque meteorite crater lake is surrounded by dozens of fishing and farming villages. The lake basin is ideal for mountaineering, diving, swimming, fishing, birding, etc.