The Quintessence Film Festival

The Quintessence film festival generally takes place in the days immediately before and after the Voodoo Festival. This international film festival has been celebrated annually since 2003 dedicated to movies and documentaries from the whole of Africa. From 9th to 13th January the touristic and historical city of Kpassè comes alive to the rhythm and colors of Ouidah's International Film Festival.

Film screenings related to Africa is broadcast five days in Ouidah , Cotonou including public place Agla ( The Pylons in partnership with Artisttik Africa ) .
Several screenings will be followed by discussions led by directors . There are both fiction and documentaries, feature films and short films.
After the festival , the jury will award the best director a " Royal Python"

Festival Djiogbe

Festival Djiogbe, previously known as FIAS, was founded in September 2008. The festival later changed its name to Festival Djiogbe, and has continued to develop into a small, but popular annual event. Festival Djiogbe aims to support artistic creativity at a regional level and to promote art from Benin internationally. Events focus on music, dance, film, poetry and visual art and is attended by an estimated 15 000 people annually.

This Benin festival has steadily grown since it began by targeting professional artists from the live music scene, local collectives, collectives in the region as well as youth and women.
The twelve-day festival takes place in Benin's largest city, Cotonou. It aims to strengthen capacities of cultural actors, professional networking, street art, fine art exhibitions, live music concerts, and workshops, Festival Djiogbe represent the whole of Benin by creating a musical programme that affects a wide-ranging audience.