Fête de Nonvitcha

The festival of Nonvitcha is celebrated in Sèdjè (Cococodji). For nearly a century, the sons and daughters Popo, Houeda and Xwla gather annually to celebrate Pentecost, at the beach of Grand-Popo.
Every year, thousands gather to celebrate the union between the tribes of this locality. This event is celebrated with games, entertainment, competitions and concerts. Each Nonvitcha reveals the beauty of the songs and dances from this region.

Fête de la Diffoni

This festival is celebrated in the Somba country. This is an initiation rite of boys which takes place in four different stages. During these steps, boys are initiated into the traditions of the tribe and includes sex education. The ceremony typically involves a retreat into the sacred forest where it is believed that the God of the Earth resides.
This includes several other events aimed at developing the skills of young participants into adulthood.

Fête de la Gani

Fête de la Gani  is a 7 day annual event generally celebrated in December in Gani. During the festivities, the Bariba Chief of Nikki (The historic capital of the Baatonu people) is presented gifts by his people and other Bariba Chiefs of Kouandé, Kandi et Banikoara as a sign of respect and allegiance