The Upper West Region has a different feeling, as a more traditional region. The administrative centre of Wa is also the seat of the Wa Naa, the Paramount Chief of the Walas. The magnificent palace still stands as stately as it did when it was first built in the 19th century. The uniquely styled traditional village houses of round mud-walled structures connected by walls forming large compounds are well adapted to the demanding climate of this region.


Gbelle Game Reserve is a sanctuary of indigenous wildlife, particularly its large herds of Roan Antelope, and is part of Ghana ‘s conservation programme. Wa Naa’s Palace The 19th century palace with its distinctive architecture is the official residence of the Wa Naa, traditional chief of the Walas. In front of the palace are graves of previous Wa Naas Gwollu Defence Wall was a part of the Slave Route . In the 19th century Gwollu Koro Limann built the wall as part of the defence against the slavers. George Ferguson’s tomb George Ekem Ferguson was a Ghanaian colonial agent who was instrumental in convincing local chiefs to sign treaties of friendship with the British. He was later (1897) killed by slave raiders, but his tomb was preserved in Wa.