Festivals celebrated in Togo are a combination of colourful sights and melodious sounds that will leave you wanting to return.

Ovazu in Badou

Ovazu is a Festival of Harvest in Akposso and Akebou Land. ” OVAZU” is composed of the Akposso words: ” Ova” (corn) and ” Zu” (festival).

According to history, corn played a significant role in the battles against the enemies of the Akposso people. (more…)


Tingban Pab of Dapaong

This is a traditional harvest festival of the Moba in the Grand Tône region. It is celebrated annually after a great harvest on the second Saturday of December. It is an occasion of thanksgiving to the gods and spirits for good harvest. (more…)


Gadao-Adossa in Sokodé

Gadao-Adossa ( festival of cutlasses) – The expression Gadao-Adossa is a common saying to identify two major festivals of the Tem, that is Gadao and Adossa for the Didaoure community, who are Muslims in majority.

The Gadao is celebrated in (more…)


Kamaka in Kara

Habye is a religious festival of the  Kabyé from the Kozah region. It is a dance of magic powers demonstration. The ceremonies are held the 2nd Saturday of December every year in Baffilo.


Sinkaring in Kara

Sinkaring is an initiation and harvest ceremony of the kabyés in the Binah region.

The word Sinkaring which has its origins from Lama-Tessi is a combination of the words “Sankuu” which wants to say to wash the hands, to purify and “Karuu” which means being ready to face the tests of the life. (more…)


Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam in Kéran

Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam Festival of harvest and of initiation in Kéran region. Is a celebration of the people of Keran, where they pay homage to the gods and spirits of the ancestors for a better harvest. It is celebrated on 2nd Saturday of February every year. (more…)