The Savannah Region is one of the newest regions carved out from the Northern Region.


Things to See

  • Mole National Park
    4840km² of savannah and rocky outcrops that are home to 93 species of mammal, including herds of elephant, buck and small plains game and a wide range of birdlife (approximately 300 species).
  • Larabanga Mosque
    A 13th century Mosque, believed to be first built by Moorish traders.
  • Larabanga Mystery Stone
    Nearby is a mystery boulder that is the subject of a splendid local legend.
  • Daboya
    89km west of Tamalel Daboya is a 16th century town from the Gonja kingdom, and a famous source of handmade textiles.
  • The Slave Route in Salaga, where the Trans-Saharan caravans paused in Salaga market. Leg pegs can still be seen at this market place.
  • The town of Salaga, is the site of the infamous Trans-Saharan slave market, further vestiges of this inhumane trade remain.
  • Mognori Eco-Village
  • Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary