Blastours is proud to have worked with some of the finest organizations in their fields including Foreign Media houses, Universities, Colleges, travel companies, families, couples, individuals, etc.

Here is what some of our past clients have to say about our services .

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James B. (Wales)
The holiday of my lifetime! What a wonderful way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I felt an honoured guest at all times revisiting my country of birth. The selection of activities/visits was very well chosen as it covered a wide theme of Ghana. Living as part of the host family was a very interesting experience and a good contrast. Organisation and administration was excellent. I will be returning to Ghana again, I hope.  – February 2010

Kristy C. (USA)
Thank you Mimi for creating the best itineraries through Ghana! You made everything easy and fun – Craig and I have felt so taken care of on each of our trips and that’s all due to Blastours (you!). When are you going to expand so I can use your services everywhere I go? – from 2006

Gbemisola A. (Nigeria)
Thank you for all your help in organizing an enjoyable holiday. We would have loved to do more sightseeing of Ghana but for time.
All in all, a good experience. I will recommend Blastours to friends and family who are thinking of planning a hassle free holiday in Ghana using a tour guide. Emmanuel is a very pleasant, friendly, courteous and accommodating guide. I will definitely keep in touch with him, and by extension yourself, when I am in Ghana next. Do extend our regards to Emmanuel.   – August 2010

Pat J. (USA)
The whole package was wonderful because the people – Mimi, David, Samson were wonderful. The route included an aweful lot of hours. I’m not sure how one might avoid this however, David told stories and taught songs which helped the time to go by. – July 2008

Stefan A. (Austria)
After returning back home and to business as usual, I hardly find words for expressing my dearest thanks for your excellence organisation and tour-preparations! All clients have been highly satisfied and appreciated the perfect guidance and skills of Samuel!

It’ll be my pleasure to cooperate with You & Ghana! – December 2009

Tamu N. (USA)
I loved my visit to Ghana and will return again. The people are beautiful and welcoming. I felt safe throughout the stay and feel like I am leaving family behind. Thank you! I couldn’t have gotten any better. – July 2008

Jeannette A. (USA)
This is my first trip out of the US. I can truly say I am so impressed with this organization. – July 2008                 

Kimberley  (USA)
The trip covered a lot – but not too much. Bus rides comfortable, easy in and out of hotels, food was good, people in country are very friendly and welcoming! – July 2008                     

Cynthia J. (USA)
Thank you so much! Mimi and David! I am so happy we were able to come back – I feel so connected to you both! So happy to meet both your families. – July 2008

Jamie B. (USA)
I liked that breakfast was included at all places. I thought the whole package was a great price. We got to go and see many places in such a short amount of time. My experience to Ghana is unforgettable. I had an amazing time here and memories I will never forget and new friends I have made on this wonderful adventure. – July 2008

Jutta H. (Germany)
The service of Blastours is perfect. Thank you very much! Any questions we had could be answered in short time. The prolongation of our tour was no problem at all. We can recommend Blastours to all visitors to Ghana. – October 2008             

Susan B. (Wales)
A good mix and contrast of different aspects of Ghana life, culture and the natural environment. An excellent happy, friendly tour guide who was always considerate to our needs. He entertained us with traditional folk stories. (I would have enjoyed a class in drumming and visited a traditional singing choir). Excellent, friendly host family. – February 2010

Oliver F. (Austria)
Service was excellent and I would be happy to use the services for other West African countries. Our tour guide was engaging, friendly, always a happy person and was a friend more than just a guide. – December 2009

Mark and Sonya (USA)
Overall, we really enjoyed the trip. Especially the travelling between the countries and seeing the environment and culture change. It was quite an ambitious itinerary, but on the whole we like to be in a car always heading to a new destination and adventure.  – December 2009

Ewa B (Denmark)
It was a very nice trip and countires are very beautiful and the people friendly. – February 2010

Rebecca (USA)
Thank you both Sly and Labbey (spelling) for sharing your culture with us, joining our Shabbat services and making us feel safe and welcome in Ghana. – May 2011

Steven and Lana K. (USA)
The whole package was great. The driver and tour guide were thoughtful, good at their job and professional. The went out of their way to make our trip comfortable, enjoyable and knowledgeable. Sly was always surprising us with different places to see and restaurants to eat at.
It was a great tour!! Highly recommended. – May 2011

Gitta Z (USA)
Great to have a guide that shares his knowledge of local history and Culture, good attitude. – May 2011

Guenther E. (USA)
The tour was great for me. It had a very nice mix of various attractions exactly what  I was looking for. – February 2012

Andrea/Travel Wizards/California
My clients recently were in Accra for a couple of days and I used Blastours for their transfers and tours. My contact there is Mimi, and she arranged a wonderful itinerary for them. The guide was amazing, and made sure to take them to places that met their special interests. I will be using Blastours for all my Ghana-bound clients. They are prompt, reliable, friendly, and professional! – January 2012

Andrew and Carol A
We have thoroughly enjoyed our holiday. Emmanuel was a real asset. He knew the roads, destinations, filled us in on the history of Ghana, was open to changes in itinerary etc. We ccouldn’t have asked for more. – August 2011

Elo & Ben A
The tour was great and our driver was good. We couldn’t have done the same fantastic holiday without  Ghanaian knowledge. Mole was our highlight as seeing the wild animals was amazing. Thank you! – August 2011

Maggie T
I would most certainly use Willliam’s services again and recommend him to others. William is a wonderful driver and guide. – September. 2011

Kelly G
I thoroughly enjoyed this trip + was very glad I did it. A wonderful way to see a small part of Ghana. – February 2012

Alex N                                                                                                                                  
As an historian, I most enjoyed the tours of the sites associated with the Slave trade (Castles & River) as well as the Jubilee & Palace museums of Kumasi. Thank you for sharing so much of Ghana within such a short visit and for accommodation our many special requests. – 17th Feb. 2012

Kathleen H.                                                                                                                               
I really enjoyed all aspects of the trip. Our guide was very accommodating and full of knowledge,  a great combination. I now know so much about Ghana. I can’t wait to share it with friends and family back home. Thank you!! – February 2012

Patricia S. & Georg W (Austria)                             
We know we didn’t have much time, but for this we think we have seen a lot and most important things except the elephants in the North (but we will come back!)
Up to now, we are not sure and confused if the crocodiles in Hans Botel were alive or artificial, but we really like our pictures with them!!! Special thanks to Emmanuel, we are looking forward to do another tour with him because he adapted the tour to our needs and wishes for example.   Thanks very much for a great time in Ghana – August 2013

Lynda & Dave C. (Canada)
We really enjoyed our adventure. This trip provided us with a good appreciation of West Africa. Samuel did his best to make sure we understood the history of the areas we were in.Overall it was a wonderful experience.
Thanks to Mimi and Samuel  – March 2013

Kenneth N. (USA)
Generally, I am impressed and satisfied with the entire package and I thank your organization for meeting my expectations – being a first time visitor to Ghana – April 2013

Nancy A. (USA)
I really appreciated how hard Samuel and our drivers Alex and Kojo worked to make our experience wonderful – We were a bit of a tricky group. The little children, adults and older folks with different  needs and expectations. As we went along, Samuel was very responsive to our requests for changes to our itinerary. He was also very well informed about Ghana answering all our questions and helping us understand what we are singing, hearing, etc. And he taught us some songs. It was wonderful to walk in the tree tops, visiting the orphanage. I really appreciated. The food was wonderful – service took a long time. Thank you very much – I love Ghana and would love to return someday! – April 2013