The region is the largest in area of all the other regions of Ghana. Traveling through the region gives the unique pleasure of discovering distinct changes in landscapes and architecture which is different from those in the south. The traditional mud-walled buildings which are similar to those found in Mali and Burkina Faso provide interesting side trips.

The festivals of the Northern Region are full of pageantry and showmanship. Festive drumming and dancing make these spectacles events not to be missed.

Children drumming in the North

Agriculture forms the main occupation of the majority of the people in the region. Among the crops grown are maize, rice, sorghum, yams, tomatoes and tree crops such as cotton and kapok.

Things to see

  • Yendi was part of a 19th century German settlement. Many of the Germans who died in battle with the Dagomba people are buried in the cemetery.
  • The Gambaga witch camp, established in the 18th century is an isolated community of mostly widowed women who have been accused of witch craft.
  • Relics of the colonial era are encountered at Yendi, with its 19th century German cemetery. This is also the site of the grave of Babatu, one of the most famous slave raiders.