The North East Region a break off from the Northern region was created in December 2018.

A part of the ancient Slave Route passed close to Nalerigu, where a defensive wall was built to protect the village from raiders.

This region is rich in culture, history with incredible landscapes waiting to be discovered.

Things to see

  • Nalerigu Defence Wall
    Said to be built in the 16th century to protect Nalerigu from raiders is a recognised part of the Slave Route.
  • Fire Festival
  • Gambaga Escarpment
  • Tusugu Cliff Dwellings
  • White Volta River Rapids
  • Ancient rock art at Gingana, Kpatiritinga, Jilik, and Tusugu
  • NaYiri Palace in Nalerigu
  • NaJeringa historic slave wall in Nalerigu
  • Gravesites of ancient Mamprusi and Mossi kings in Gambaga
  • Zayaa Mosque/Shrine in Wulugu
  • Ancient Koma Figurines in Yikpabongo
  • Buyuori Cave in Yikpabongo
  • Gbintiri Market