Kente weaving in Ghana

Akwasidae Festival

The Akwasidae is a religious festival of the Asante's which is celebrated every six(6) weeks or 42 days.
On that day the Asante king comes out of the palace on a palanquin adorned in gold ornaments to receive the homage of his sub-chiefs and people.

It is a very colourful ceremony that lasts the whole day and it is held at the Manhyia palace which is the Asantehene residence



Akwantukese Festival

The Akwantukese festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of the New Juaben Traditional Areas. It comes off between the months of July and September each year. This festival promotes the cultural life of the people and is also held to commemorate the historical exodus of the people of New Juaben from the Ashanti to the East in the 1870’s.



Akwambo Festival

The people of Agona in the Central Region celebrate the Akwambo festival literally meaning “path-clearing”. The Asafo companies weed footpaths leading to the streams or rivers, farms and other communal places, as well as paths, which lead to shrines.

The following day, the whole community assembles at the ancestral shrines and the chief pours libation to the ancestral spirits to thank them for their protection during the previous year and then request for more blessing, abundant rainfall and good harvest for the ensuing year.

At the stream or riverside where some of the sacrifices are offered, alligators and other species of fish come out to enjoy the mashed yams sprinkled on the water.

Akpa Festival

 This festival is celebrated in Wassa Akropong by the Chiefs and people of the Wassa West Traditional Area. The Akpa festival is celebrated in January every year, it fosters unity among the people and hence brings peace to the area.