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Brong Ahafo Region

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Boabeng fiemaThe geographical centre of Ghana is located in this Region.
The region was originally part of the Ashanti region, it was covers an area of about 39,557km² making it one of the largest. It borders to the north of the Ashanti region and western region its western border is Cote d' Iviore and southeastern border are Volta and eastern regions respectively and the north with northern region of Ghana . Sunyani is its regional capital.

The Brong Ahafo Region is at the great agricultural centre of Ghana ; it is referred to as the country breadbasket. Apart from its extensive forest reserves and cocoa plantations, it has a large acreage of food crops. The region, which is largely unspoilt by industrial development, is the most attractive region in Ghana.

Also of great interest are the numerous traditional healers who use herbal (alternative) medicines to cure a wide variety of ailments. Visitors are always welcome to the traditional villages to enjoy agricultural fairs and local festivals. Visits to cocoa farms and lumber factories can be arranged.
The two main ethnic groups found in this region are the Bono and the Ahafo who are Akan speakers.
The region has thirteen administrative districts. There are forty-four paramount chiefs and five divisional councils constituting the region. Who help with customary laws that govern the region.
Farming is the predominant occupation in the region. Some of the cultivated crops include cotton, cocoa, cola nut, tobacco, etc. Timber industry is also of great importance to the livelihood of this region.

The region is mainly covered by rain forest belt reserves with rare woods and virgin lands in the southeastern part. The northern part shows a gradual transition from forest to wooded savannah.

The region has a tropical climate with high temperatures of between 23ºC and 39ºC, with a maximum rainfall in the southern part and minimum in the northern part.


Kintampo Falls
These beautiful falls are hidden away in the woods close to the Kumasi/Kintampo highway.

Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is home to many families of Colobus and Mona monkeys, which are held sacred by the local people. Visitors taking the forest walks, along shaded trails, are rewarded with sightings of many birds, butterflies and indigenous flowers and trees.

The village of Nsuta is famous for the production of Kyenkyen, a local cloth produced from the bark of trees.

Lake Volta flows along the eastern edge of Brong Ahafo and a visit to the port of Yeji makes a pleasant excursion. Local fishermen land their catch here and the boats from Akosombo stop off here.