It is not surprising that the food choices in Togo are a reflection of the many ethnic groups that share the country. There are European meals for tourists who may not like the local dishes. Togo’s local dishes include:

Fufu: made from boiled yam mashed to form a dough. It is eaten with soups. Locally available fresh vegetables are used for making the sauce dips. Non vegetarian sauce items are made from meat, poultry and fish.

Akume/pastes: is made from ground maize and flour mixed with water to form dough. It is also eaten with different kinds of soup.

Tchakpallo: This is a mixture of fermented millet and palm wine, served instead of German beer in traditional settings.

Kokonte:  This is a sort of a pates made from the locally grown Cassava. Millets and sorghums which are cheaper and can be grown in more arid regions.

Riz arachide

Riz Sauce Arachide :  peanut butter sauce eaten with rice. A healthy delicacy worth tasting.

Lemonade and Bissap juice are the most popular drinks. There are many bars almost around all corners in Lomé where you will be able to have a beer.