Temple of Pythons

In most parts of the world snakes are feared, but in Benin they are revered. Royal pythons are worshiped in Benin, especially in Ouidah. The Temple of Pythons in Ouidah is a small room of twelve square meters that houses (more…)


Zangbeto Ceremony

Zangbetos are the traditional voodoo guardians of the night in the Yoruba religion of Benin and Togo which are known as the “Night watchmen”.

Similar to Egunguns, they are highly revered and act as an unofficial police force patrolling the (more…)


Discovering Benin

Benin is one of the more stable countries in Africa and occupies a narrow strip of land rich in culture and tradition. The country is famous for an annual voodoo festival in Ouidah, Gelede Mask dances, Zangbeto ceremony, Ganvie, the Pendjari National Park and many more. (more…)