The Bono region is one of the newly created regions split off from the Brong-Ahafo region.  

Things to See

Bui National Park which covers 1,821-kilometer square and covers part of the Black Volta River, the Bui National Park is endowed with several species of Antelopes and a variety of birds. It is also known for its hippopotamus population. The tourist can take a cruise on the Black Volta River through the National Park.

Bui Dam located at the base of the Banda Mountains, the Bui Dam was built to improve Ghana’s energy requirements

Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary which is located 10km southwest of Dormaa Ahenkro, this sanctuary hosts a rare breed of Mona Monkeys. The tourist is welcomed by the presence of these monkeys as you enter their forest-like abode. Bamboo trees form a canopy in the middle of the forest which serves as a resting ground for visitors. Monkeys can be seen swinging up and down tree branches and peeling bananas left out for them. It is quite an interesting sight to be.


Kintampo Falls
These beautiful falls are hidden away in the woods close to the Kumasi/Kintampo highway.

Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is home to many families of Colobus and Mona monkeys, which are held sacred by the local people. Visitors taking the forest walks, along shaded trails, are rewarded with sightings of many birds, butterflies and indigenous flowers and trees.

Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

The village of Nsuta is famous for the production of Kyenkyen, a local cloth produced from the bark of trees.

Lake Volta flows along the eastern edge of Brong Ahafo and a visit to the port of Yeji makes a pleasant excursion. Local fishermen land their catch here and the boats from Akosombo stop off here.