Enter a world of python temples, fetish shrines, mesmerizing voodoo ceremonies, cultural music, mystic dances, trances and many more

La Fête de l’Awilé

The festival of Awilé is an annual celebration . It is believed that the goddess of the lake brings together the inhabitants of nearby villages to chase away the evil spirits.


La Fête de l’Igname

This traditional celebration  was originally organized by the Salman tribe to give thanks for a good harvest.

This Yam festival is celebrated annually on the 15th of August in the town of Savalou. 

According to Tossoh GBAGUIDI XIII, King of this locality, the yam species (more…)


Fête de Nonvitcha

The festival of Nonvitcha is celebrated in Sèdjè (Cococodji).

For nearly a century, the sons and daughters Popo, Houeda and Xwla gather annually to celebrate Pentecost, at the beach of Grand-Popo.

Every year, thousands gather to celebrate the union between (more…)


Fête de la Diffoni

This festival is celebrated in the Somba country. This is an initiation rite of boys which takes place in four different stages.

During these steps, boys are initiated into the traditions of the tribe and includes sex education. (more…)


Fête de la Gani

Fête de la Gani is a 7 day annual event generally celebrated in December in Gani.

During the festivities, the Bariba Chief of Nikki (The historic capital of the Baatonu people) is presented gifts by his people and other Bariba (more…)


The Quintessence Film Festival

The Quintessence film festival generally takes place in the days immediately before and after the Voodoo Festival.

This international film festival has been celebrated annually since 2003 dedicated to movies and documentaries from the whole of Africa. (more…)


Festival Djiogbe

Festival Djiogbe, previously known as FIAS, was founded in September 2008.

The festival later changed its name to Festival Djiogbe, and has continued to develop into a small, but popular annual event.

Festival Djiogbe aims to support artistic creativity at (more…)


Zangbeto Ceremony

Zangbetos are the traditional voodoo guardians of the night in the Yoruba religion of Benin and Togo which are known as the “Night watchmen”.

Similar to Egunguns, they are highly revered and act as an unofficial police force patrolling the (more…)