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EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM: Ghana 's policy of liberalization has been extended to private sector participation in education. The country's literacy rate is about 50%. The educational system provides nine years of Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education, FCUBE, which is followed by a 3 year secondary / technical/ commercial and vocational education. The tertiary level consists of teacher training colleges, Diploma and degree awarding institutions. There is also specialized management; technical and vocational institutions responsible for human resource development that ensure an immediate availability of skilled and trainable labor force as well as technical and managerial personnel. In addition, there are special international schools, which follow the curricula of some foreign schools examination syllabi. Below are the number of institutions by level and type. Ghana has 10 polytechnics in all regions, several teacher training colleges, nursing training colleges spread all over the country by choice as well as 5 government run universities in the country. These include the Universities of Ghana, Legon, founded in 1948, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST, Kumasi founded in 1961, University of Cape Coast, UCC founded in 1962, University of Education, Winneba, founded in 1992 and the University of Development Studies, Tamale, founded in 1993. There privately funded universities. These are primarily run by religious organizations. As part of efforts to increase literacy rate, in Ghana , which stands at 53%, functional adult literacy programme have been put in place and illiterate adults are taught to read and write in their local languages. Achievement of these programmes was to help them understand government projects, political process by making informed decisions, understand population growth issues, agriculture practices, use of insecticides, improved seedlings, as well as appreciation of technology among other things.

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